Stalking summer

Posted on Thu, 19 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

I can smell summer. I can smell the salt in the air, the smoke from distant bush fires on the breeze. I can smell freshly caught fish on barbecues and sunscreen. I can hear waves softly lapping, gum leaves on gum trees dancing, the kids next door squealing in the pool and the soft putt putt putt of a dingy on the way out to a sail boat. I really can when I dream about this home I found real estate stalking. Palm Beach, Sydney on the Pittwater side. I could never afford it but I can dream and sniff the salt in the air. Link here while it lasts.



Manshu Singh says:

Beautiful pictures..


atma says:

Oh, that is fantastic! What a location and what a lovely home. I'm not sure how you see the price in that link, I'd like to compare the dream of the house with the reality of the cost…

Sharne says:

Isn't that Colette Dinnegins house?

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