A photographer’s apartment in Madrid

Posted on Sun, 29 Sep 2013 by KiM

I often get tired of homes that don’t look like anyone actually lives there (often the case of architects’ portfolios). Perhaps that is why this apartment took my breath away. It is the Chueca, Madrid apartment of British-born photographer Adrian Tyler. It is located in a building built in 1894 and maintains much of the original features, but includes some new touches such as 3 tons of tile from Morocco for the kitchen and bathroom. Throw in some mid-century furniture classics, Adrian’s photography and a sh*tload of books and you’ve got some pretty sweet digs. (Via Neuvo Estilo)

Oh! This is so, so great. I love how REAL it all feels. One of my favorite elements is the gorgeous mix of artwork. There are so many times I look at a place and feel like all their art has been collected, as cheaply as possible, over the course of a year or so. This apartment just makes me feel *g00d* and I actually find it to be quite inspiring, compared to so many spaces I've been seeing lately. Thanks for sharing!

Jared Hayden says:

Exquisite! They rely a tad too much on the mid-century "classics" furniture-wise, but the level of taste, restraint and sophistication is awesome. And all those books! I'd never want to leave…

Sparky says:

Beautifully lived in space. I had to laugh out loud at your comment about "architects' portfolios" ! I'm an artist who also practiced architecture for 25 years—so I KNOW too well. ;o) xSparky

KiM says:

@Sparky – I get it though. Less crap in a space means the architectural details can be more easily seen and appreciated.

Carmel says:

Love this place! The wall of pictures at the start is amazing!!

wow! Every part of the apartment amazes me.. I am really surprised how the artistic apartment this is! It seems to me stunning for the kitchen, bedroom and wash rooms ,these are some creative interior design..

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