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Posted on Tue, 15 Jan 2013 by KiM

Back in June Jo shared a funky shabby chic/scandi home by Polish interior design firm 2Kul. This firm is at it again, and this time they have taken on the design of 2 apartments in a country home just outside Wrocław, in their signature black/white/natural palette (my fav!) and modern/shabby/scandi style (again my fav!). So warm and cosy…and somewhat exotic. A great vibe. 

Mabiel says:

that is one moody-sexy-charming sitting area of the bedroom

Monica says:

Nice letters on the mantelpiece. Meaning….?

I like the old suitcases. I have my dad's two suitcases from the 1950's and I'm also using them to decorate my apartment. I'm glad I didn't give them to Goodwill. I also have an old hat box which I've put on top of the suitcases.

Constance says:

Monica, "ars" means "art" in Latin.

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