Rough around the edges

Posted on Wed, 2 Oct 2013 by KiM

This itty bitty home is a renovated worker’s in Melbourne, Australia designed by Edwards Moore. A perfect description: Retaining the existing street frontage and primary living areas whilst fragmenting the building addition beyond. Creating courtyards which serve to separate yet connect the functions for living. A collection of raw and untreated finishes creating a grit that compliments the owners desire for an uncomplicated living arrangement. Echoes of the homes history are reflected in discreetly choreographed gold panels located throughout the space. An abundance of natural light refracting off the all white interiors create a sense of the ethereal, an otherworldly environment hidden amongst the urban grain. I love the grittiness – lots of finishing details in a home is really not my thing. This may be on the opposite end of the spectrum of a “finished” home but I find this homier. (A previous post of their work here)

Tracy says:

I love this…love the rooftop garden.

Lily says:

Yes "unfinished" home could be charming like this one !

rooth says:

This one is definitely one of my favourites – bookshelves should definitely dominate a living area

Blanders says:

I disagree – there's something vaguely offensive about this sort of Student Hovel Chic. It's a bit like Marie Antoinette's favourite passtime of playing at being a shepherdess. The residents clearly have plenty of money (who else can afford architects to renovate their inner Melbourne terrace?) but they're pretending to be penniless scroungers. It's spitting in the face of all of the genuinely penniless people out there who are forced to live in REAL hovels.

Tyson says:

^ eep.
I love it 🙂

Lea says:

I think they will get sick of this pretty fast. What is with the two off centre tiles in the bathroom. Honestly people with money can be talked into anything 🙁

oh Holland says:

Not a fan of the trend to tack uber-minimalist behinds onto old architecture fronts. Commit to one or the other, already. Here, I much prefer the old to the characterless, cheerless addition with it's Soviet appurtenances.

Crhys says:

Me encantó éste casa. Gracias por mostrárnosla! 😀

Manda says:

As much as I really like this place, the large empty space between ground and first floor looks incredibly dangerous.

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