Cactus in the kitchen

Posted on Wed, 23 Oct 2013 by KiM

Nothing fancy, just a very white apartment decorated with an odd assortment of lighting, furniture and a huge cactus in the kitchen. Because WHY NOT?! Via Le case di Elixìr.

Jared Hayden says:

Love. Especially the judicious pops of color against all that bright white–although I suspect the photographer's skills contributed greatly to the success of that. White-on-white living surely presents challenges in real life. The cactus is hilarious and endearing. My only gripe is the paper clip and doodle pad chandelier. That particular DIY fad reached its expiration date about the thousandth time we saw it.

Oregonbird says:

The one time a cowhide on the floor would make sense (have you noticed there have been hide rugs on the floor in most of the this month's posts? ) it isn't there. The dining room set is so beautiful, perfect for the space and theme. The living room storage looks interesting, but would drive me crazy in no time. I'm not sure about using two camping stoves, although if the owners camp on a regular basis, I suppose it would be practical? Love the kitchen but again — don't understand the storage. Color me confused!

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