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Posted on Wed, 30 Oct 2013 by KiM

It really could not be more obvious that a guy’s guy lives here. I may be stereotyping but I’d wager a cat. It has everything a masculine pad could ever dream of – brick walls everywhere, steel beams, loftiness, reclaimed wood, a decent media centre, a just-big-enough kitchen to eat take out in….and it’s even got pets made out of conduit! Via The Village

Laura says:

Any guy that puts this much thought into having a great apartment is going to have women over and trust me, they WILL want to stay long. As long as the bed doesn't crumble or creak or shake, I don't give a damn.

romy says:

Well, I'm a woman and I don't like it, to many things going on, it makes me feel a little claustrophobic. It's a pity because this place has potential, I love the brick walls and those huge windows, but the decorator made it look smaller than it is.

Tyson says:

I don't believe spaces or objects have genders. For example, the idea of masculine colours or feminine fabrics makes my skin crawl as I instantly want to break those outdated and very harmful stereotypes. It REALLY puts me off. Also, there are high heels and handbags in some shots. I think you might have just lost your cat. 😛
Putting that aside, brick behind a toilet? Gross. It's a hard-edge space that I find interesting in an experimental way. Everything about it makes me want to wrap myself up in softness just to protect myself, though.

oregonbird says:

I love and want the storage, I like that the space was defined, rather than going with the ubiquitous 'LOOK how much space there is!' Oh dear lord, I even lust for the power outlets. Yes, the bathroom needed surfaces that could be scrubbed and disinfected — that's a basic, designer dudes! It's no good trying to be PC about it, though — there are masculine and feminine spaces, materials, fabrics, seating arrangements, etc. However, that doesn't limit in any way who can use and enjoy such things, and there are shades along the entire spectrum to play with. For instance, you could have a soft leather messenger bag that looks very much like a purse… 🙂 I just can't imagine that a woman would want suicide stairs.

Linnea M says:

Too bad for the gay slur by the client to Dimitri the Decorator. Makes me dislike EVERYTHING!

Jess says:

I like the brick-y kitchen. Pretty sure I'd fall down the stairs, though…and lie there, helpless, on the floor until all the artwork came alive and swarmed me in the night. Nooooooo – mauled by pipe-pets and dancing chicken bodies! Hee hee.

Tyson says:

It's not being PC, it's being honest. Colours and fabrics and all that crap don't have intrinsic genders. They have cultural associations that fluctuate and trying to pin them to genders can cause harm and is stupid and limiting. As a designer, I'd rather not make a female client feel like she's 'wrong' for wanting the above. For eg. I create soft spaces or hard spaces, comforting spaces or austere spaces, not feminine spaces or masculine spaces. Anyway, if you think females are soft, go watch a birth; I feel you're missing out on the roundness of human character.

oregonbird says:

Potato, potatoe. A rose by any other name. 🙂

Cate says:

that staircase terrifies me

Midmodtom says:

Stunning eye candy!

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