Tanya Collins

Posted on Fri, 1 Nov 2013 by KiM

Tanya Collins is an interior designer located here in Ottawa and I am so pleased to have found a local designer that has talent and a keen eye! (They seem to be hard to come by around here). Her kitchens and bathrooms are divine, and her spaces have a wonderful energy. Maybe I should hire her. 🙂

oregonbird says:

Usually traditional doesn't have much allure for me, but I love how intensely practical her work is, both in need and execution. The upgrades at least don't venture into the annoying 'leopard in the bath' zone. I wonder if the clients notice the pops of orange she sneaks in regularly!
I went through the entire portfolio twice, and couldn't find the rest of that adorable pocket kitchen, the one with the flanking cupboards and pans on the clock wall. Which one was it?

Despinach says:

Very inspiring photos! I loved the gallery wall and the dining room with the built-in bookcase!

I enjoy the subtle white tones that she's used in each room, they are delicate, barely perceivable.

Monika says:

I was enjoying these until I came up to the picture of the foyer with the sputnik light…

I live in Ottawa, and regularly scour the real estate listings. There aren't many MCM houses in Ottawa, so when I first saw that house come up, I was very excited. The timing was bad for us, so when I saw the same house on the market a few months later, I got excited again. But it was a flip. And what had been beautiful example of a fairly rare housing type in Ottawa had been destroyed — the floors and all the beautiful warm classic MCM woodwork, all the beams on the cathedral ceiling, closet doors and other woodwork, everything made of wood — well, all were now dyed black. I literally remember being in tears at the destruction of it. I remember reacting strongly to the way it was styled — the black and white knock-off-of-a knock-off-of Liaigre and Eames — was horrid and cheap and totally unsympathetic to the MCM bones of the house.

Sorry for being brutally honest, but what happened to that house was a travesty.

KiM says:

Sorry, totally meant to comment.
@oregonbird – Willard (but it's the only pic of it)
@Monika – that really sucks, because there really are next to know cool MCM houses around here.

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