Covet Garden – a modern Victorian

Posted on Wed, 13 Nov 2013 by KiM

I seem to be a little slow trying to keep up with the latest in blogs, magazines etc. these days, but I was grateful last night to catch up on the last couple of issues of one of my favourite online magazines, and Canadian to boot, Covet Garden. Last month’s issue ROCKED, featuring the Toronto home of Shaun (co-owner of a shop selling handmade works by mostly Canadians) and Todd (owner of a flower shop). It’s an 1875 Victorian that they have spent 13 years renovating, and pimped it out with an eclectic mix of mid-century (ie. grandma’s couch) and modern furniture and art. Now this is an inspiring and creative home!

Budgie says:

Very fun house. The bedroom in photo 7…..(queue immature giggling)….teee he he heeeee!!! 🙂

KiM says:

Good catch Budgie. 🙂 Possibly the best bedroom art EVER. 😉

Annio says:

Are those corrugated cardboard ottomans in the living room? I wonder where they came from.

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