A cool apartment

Posted on Thu, 14 Nov 2013 by KiM

Love this ecelctic apartment I found on casa.com.br. The white backdrop for the funky furnishings and bright doses of colour is perfection. And FUN!

jane says:


Would love to know the source of those shelves in the hallway.

oooh good find. i love the subtle citrus pops everywhere. Gorgeous.

Genista says:

Gorgeous apartment. I found one of those polkadot pink money boxes in my local church fete last week and paid $1 for it! Was quite surprised to see it in one of the shelves. It's from the 80's.

Genista says:

Sorry meant POLKADOT PIG money boxes not pink! 🙂

Blanders says:

I love the street light lamp. Especially with tiny sneakers hanging off it!

Fabulous, vibrant space. I love the white interior with the bright painted furniture adding pops of colour – beautifully styled and so effective. The all white decor is serene but without the colour would be a bit sterile, the balance here is perfect, uncluttered and inviting :O)

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