Jean-Marc Palisse

Posted on Wed, 20 Nov 2013 by KiM

Moody, dramatic and captivating. I would say these 3 words accurately describe the incredible interior photography of Jean-Marc Palisse. WHOA – I just noticed the flooring in the second photo. How freaking brilliant to use 2 different types of wood.

Silvia says:

That is hands down the best shower I've ever seen.

peggyp says:

Kim – I need those gray chairs – to the left in the third photo from the bottom. Any idea who designed them?

KiM says:

Sorry Peggy, I have no clue.

Dave says:

I'm sorry to say but the floor on the second photo is still one and the same type of wood. Because of the the grain and angle of the light it looks like two kinds of wood. That's the beauty of haringbone flooring.
See the photo's on these websites:

KiM says:

I beg to differ Dave. They look different to me (in the photo above anyway, the awful links you included aren't quite justifying your point)

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