The exhibitionist

Posted on Thu, 21 Nov 2013 by midcenturyjo

Stark minimalism in black and white. Glass walls like a gold fish bowl. Everything on show. Reflective surfaces bouncing light. Hard, lean, buffed. The perfect exhibitionist. But wait there is a softer side. Concealed lighting throws rough bricks into relief. Solid planks warm walls. Could you? Would you? Are you a secret exhibitionist. Bold living by Montreal interior designer Anne Sophie Goneau.

theROOM says:

Love the mix between the brick walls and the white clean everything.

emma says:

No splash back for the exposed brick, nor any exhaust over the stove…that will get a bit icky

Ruth says:

I know it looks stark. But really, the design is a beautiful blank canvas for art!

Martha says:

Oh gosh, that street-facing window… Like the apartments in Jacques Tati's Playtime.

jane says:

ART! FLOWERS, THROWS! Come on people, add some flair.

I like minimalism to a degree, but not when it looks like a tabula rasa.

The wooden wall corridor certainly completes this house with a nice touch of warmth.

Alice says:

Minimalist, pure and impressive… and ready to add some life and coziness.

romy says:

I love that brick wall on the kitchen but I don't think it's the most practical option for a black splash. Maybe a glass against the brick will be a good idea?, you can still see the brick, and the mess will be easy to be clean.

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