Jacob Hertzell

Posted on Tue, 26 Nov 2013 by KiM

Loving these spaces from the portfolio of Swedish stylist Jacob Hertzell. Whether minimal or mid-century, Jacob has got the magic touch. (Some of these are photographed by his brother Daniel Hertzell – the rest by another fav photographer of ours Magnus Marding).

jane says:

Ooooooo Love the sweet touches of colour throughout, and very glamour furnishings too. Lovely. <3

oregonbird says:

Yes. This is what I need, THINKING space! This is my guy. He understand me almost as well as Alan Rickman.

oregonbird says:

Oh, and Daniel? You deserve a solid platinum camera with an understated yet exciting kraken-skin case.

Marieke says:

The ~Secret of Mana canvas: Way to go!

Jacob Hertzell says:

Thank You for Your kind words, Kim. Just would like to correct that most of the images above were taken by Magnus Marding and a few by my brother (as indicated on my blog). Both equally great to work with…

KiM says:

Thanks for clarifying Jacob!

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