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Posted on Sun, 1 Dec 2013 by KiM

I spent all day yesterday getting the majority of my Christmas shopping done so I didn’t have much time to prepare a post for today. I thought I’d just share some photos of new stuff around my house. To start, I finally pulled something out of storage I’ve been dying to display for a few years. When I got married in 2010, Jo sent me a Moroccan wedding blanket as a wedding gift. It is absolutely beautiful and one of my most treasured possessions. I had planned to hang it in the bedroom of my new house but since that house has been delayed, I figured to hell with it, and hung it over a branch we found at my sister’s cottage and positioned it over the bed as a headboard. I love that I can see it every day. And the cats leave it alone so that’s a bonus. (To note, my bedroom is a dumping ground for furniture that doesn’t work in any other room, and has linens picked more out of necessity than anything else so one day I hope to have my bedroom set up a little more planned/calculated)

Phoebe came in after a few minutes of me snapping photos – coincidentally she matches the room rather well so I included her in some shots. (Consider this my pets on furniture entry for this week).

Yesterday I went to my favourite local housewares/furniture store, The Modern Shop, to pick up some Christmas presents and could not resist a couple presents for myself. The owner Mke is a super nice guy and long time advertiser on our blog, and he carries some of my all time favourite brands like Hay Denmark and Normann Copenhagen. He always has about 5 chairs in stock that I end up drooling over, and yesterday was no exception. I’ve been dying for a Hay chair and there was a grey J104 on the floor that my husband and I decided we needed to bring home because our tiny house needed yet another chair apparently.

It was supposed to be my husband’s new chair at the dining table but because of the arms and my super narrow house it didn’t quite work out, so my upholstered eames office chair is being relegated once again to the basement and it is my new desk chair.

I also picked up some Hay scissors – love the shape!

I was thinking of hanging them on the wall somewhere in the kitchen but for now they are resting on my backsplash.

Another stop yesterday was a little town south west of Ottawa called Merrickville, where my husband insisted on picking up what is our only Christmas decoration. His name is Arthur, and he’s going to hang out next to the sofa.

Oregonbird says:

Hello, Arthur!

Carol says:

What is the brand of your bedside lamp? I also love the one in your living room beside Arthur.

KiM says:

The lamp to the left of the bed is Artemide's Tizio and the one on the right is a Jonathan Adler-esque deal from Homesense. The lamp to the left of Arthur is a vintage Jielde that some moron decided to sand the finish off (hence the splotchy copper areas) – I purchased it off one of our blog readers.

jane says:

Love the wedding blanket, and your kitty. 🙂

theROOM says:

It couldn´t look any more perfect

Holly says:

Awww, I love the kitty porn. So cute.

Lea says:

Fantastic photos Kim. Very professional.

KiM says:

Thanks everyone. 🙂

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