Jukka Rapo

Posted on Mon, 9 Dec 2013 by KiM

Easing you into the work week with some exceptional photography from Finnish photographer Jukka Rapo. I SO want this little cabin retreat in the first group of photos. *SIGH*

suzanna says:

WOW, I love these, I come here a lot yet haven't commented.
Love this sight by the way!

I am moving and want to build a tiny house. These are PERFECT!!
I wonder where I could find the Blue Prints or the architect,
would you know? mercy beaucoup! WOW, I'm with you, they are
fabulous ~

KiM says:

Thanks suzanna! – sorry, I don't know the architect.

Sarah says:

I am not trying to be nosy just really curious. How much does a home/cabin like the wooded one cost to build? My husband and I live very busy lives in Chicago and desperately need a get away to keep balanced and happy. This one or like it would be perfect. Thanks-Sarah

Lea says:

I 'm with Oregonbird – that white on white is hurting my eyes. Pops of colour please.

I really enjoy the feeling of being IN the woods of the first house.

Hannah says:

I'm moving to the Nordic forest tomorrow!!!

Suzanne Sheldon says:

I LOVE the white house with the cathedral ceiling. It's perfect. I crave minimalism, but am almost a hoarder. I love the stark white & black, but also get excited by color. I should have been an interior designer, then I could try out all of my passions. Lovely lovely house.

Melissa says:

I love the black pendent lights in the house with white cathedral ceiling , may I ask where they are from,
I am building a modern barn style home.

KiM says:

Sorry Melissa we don't know the sources of the items in these photos.

Juha says:

Not really sure if this is the photographers house in the woods, but an amazing place nevertheless. Definitely very Finnish scene.

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