Jo’s favourite living rooms 2013 – part one

Posted on Thu, 26 Dec 2013 by midcenturyjo

Romy says:

Lovely post! but really confusing, I realize that I love every single place, I love exposed brick walls, painted brick walls, smooth and spotless walls, dark spaces and spaces flooded with light, big rooms, small rooms, minimal decoration and rooms full of hundred of interesting details. I'm lost, I just name at least 7 houses, I guess I will have to win the lottery … at least twice.

Cristina says:

Lovely places, but I´m more certain every day:
Walls need texture!! It makes such a diference…

Jared Hayden says:

That first room with the dark walls and tall window has always pulled my chain too, ever since you first posted it. There's nothing particularly inventive about the decor, and the furnishings have a definite thrift store vibe, but it manages to evoke mystery and glamour in spades. I'd be quite happy living there.

jane says:

I love the mix here. It's like a sampling of a bunch of different musical genres, all good. Thanks!

oregonbird says:

Maybe this will be the year of texture — I have to agree it's time, as we come out from under our slavish devotion to the sleek and soulless granite/ss combination, that we turn to the wealth of natural surfaces. Lord knows it's all the wealth we're likely to accrue! What I wouldn't give for the handblown chandelier in the Sutro pic…

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