Beach shack

Posted on Thu, 9 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

They cling stubbornly to sand dunes and hillsides along the Australian coast. Simple beach shacks slapped together in the 50s and 60s. Collective histories of family summer holidays, fishing, sand in bathing suits left strewn on railings after the obligatory post beach outdoor shower. A man’s castle but definitely no mansion. Passed from generation to generation. Rare. Endangered. Swallowed up by McMansions. Lost forever. Unless they are saved, renewed and once again cherished. Like this Seal Rocks shack brought back by Bourne Blue Architecture. Nothing precious but such a treasure.

Blanders says:

Now all they need to do is get underground power installed.

Seriously, that power pole must be knocking thousands off the value of that place!

swoooning over this all the way from freezing cold NYC

Ryan Hart says:

Simplicity at its finest. I love the corner sliding glass doors. This beach shack shows that it is possible to make great spaces even if you have with little to work with. But, that's easier said than done. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Seal Rocks has to be my all-time favourite beach. I have spent many weeks up there and this place made my heart flutter!! M. xxx

Jacki says:

You say nothing special. I say VERY special!! What a view!

Oana says:

I wonder how much something like this would cost to build? This house is from my dreams!

Chris says:

This place is all my dreams come true! Perfect!

Vivianne says:

Hi Guys
Love Love the exterior colour of this bach.
Does anybody know what that colour is called?

Any help is much appreciated.


KiM says:

Sorry we don't know Vivianne

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