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Posted on Sat, 11 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

It’s Saturday. Most of us are relaxing far away from the workplace grind. We don’t have to return to the hamster wheel to earn our living until Monday. If this was my workplace though I’d never want to come home. Too cool. Melbourne interior designers Mr Mitchell explain the idea behind the Blonde Robot offices the best.

“Three young forward thinking business partners had a simple goal with the fit-out of their brand new head office: make it look like a cool pub. Being based in the centre of an industrial area, the closest cold beer was too far for knock off drinks. They wanted to create a warm, relaxed environment that provided their team with the pub you have, when you’re not having a pub.”

My resumé  is in your inbox Blonde Robot.

With a splash of taxidermy!

jane says:

I would LOVE to know the source of that robot art! Help?

Lyn says:

Can't guarantee that these paintings are his, but if you're looking for robots &/or donuts it has to be Eric Joyner in San Francisco.

Kim says:

If you're looking for cool robot stuff, check out a .This is my aunt Sally's found object robot art work site.

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