Posted on Fri, 17 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

House as art. House as high drama. House as collection. House as controversy. House as pretense. House as stage on which to play out fantasy and life. House that is loved or loathed. House as home. Hampton’s house by P&T Interiors.

Carol says:

I would love to know who lives here. It is drama!

Jared Hayden says:

Count me squarely in the "love" camp…

fatema says:

The birds on the ceiling are my kind if drama, nature, organic, neutral but unexpected.

Leigh says:

This stunning house is owned by the designer Pol Theis of P&T Interiors. It has just been featured in a local magazine I have drooled over, here in NZ, called Simply You Living.

Sparky says:

Not liking the squirrels and the baby dolls. :o/

oh Holland says:


Dead animals again and again. Who elected death and cruelty to be so effing trendy?

peggy says:

Agree with Sparky. Very perverse.

JC says:

The display of stuffed animals and bones is too much. Oh and the babies.

Designer says:

Thank you for this article highly appreciate it

Donald says:

Love the chalkboard wall with all those mathematical equation.

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