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Posted on Fri, 17 Jan 2014 by KiM

It’s pretty incredible that Maison Hand can make a white space look so fabulous, and then do up a home in almost all back and absolutely CRUSH IT. I adored the last post, but this one makes my heart skip a beat. Twice. I thought for sure my next home would be mostly white, but then I see dramatic, edgy spaces like this and I completely change my mind. This is what I want. Every little bit. 

susan says:

definitely love the dark! drama supreme.

Susann says:

Thats my problem. Cant decide if I want my home more dark or almost white. Maybe changing room to room? Hm, a white and sunny living room and the bedroom mostly dark for cozy evenings in bed with a good book? Or a white bedroom to wake up fresh and energized and a dramatic dark livingroom? I really cant decide.

loulou ste-adele says:

I spent many many minutes to take in all the details that make this work so wonderfully. I think the dark makes everything grounded, solid. Then many rustic layers or details make it unique.

peggy says:

Absolutely surprisingly stunning. I love it. Funny. I was just dissecting a picture of Jo's bedroom – which I think is my favorite bedroom of 2013. Honestly this home looks like it could have been decorated by Jo. The skillful juxtaposition of disparate objects both old and new and all the texture reminds me so much of her style.

peggy says:

P.S. There's that water dispenser again. I'm obsessed. Do you know who designed that?

Barthelemy SENG says:

This apartment was featured in Elle Décoration last month, according to the magazine the shower fixtures are from Italian manufacturer Cea Rubinetterie 🙂

AMR says:

Oh. My. Do I love this. Really beautiful.

jane says:

Love! Makes me crave dark walls.

DBD says:

I am looking for a black dining table like that. Where can I find the manufacturer?

elisabet says:

that brand is the couch?
Thank you

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