The quintessential Parisian apartment

Posted on Sun, 19 Jan 2014 by KiM

I have never been to Paris, but if I were to go, I want to stay here. This is exactly how I picture living in Paris to be like. A studio apartment with original herringbone hardwood floors, fireplaces, massive gilt mirrors, ancient looking leather club chairs, classic antique light fixtures and portraits, stacks of old books and suitcases…it’s perfect. I’d spend all of my time here or in a café drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine. Via The Village

peggy says:

I agree that it's too much clutter. I just can't live and thrive among so much clutter, but that's just me. The apartment itself is so beautiful. Makes me miss my studio apartment!

Angie says:

I love this apartment. It goes beyond interior design. I want to know this person.

jane says:

It's so full and cluttered yes, but incredibly chic and glamourous too. I like!

I'm not a clutter person. But it is done so well here. I love the vintage/antique vibe and floors with high ceilings. gorgeous!

Despinach says:

I suppose that must be what people call love at first sight…

Ahhh, orderly clutter, how I feel at home here.

JustLooking says:

There's too much clutter, yes.; but the house is still organized. Organized in a way that a person can actually live in. Not just something that was arranged because of the shoot (I hope not!).

Gabriel says:

You know it's funny because this is actually our place. My cousin sent me the link! The dog was a loaner — her name is Georgie. She is of no particular breed, except perhaps good old Parisian mutt. I felt weird because I didn't know the magazine that sent the photographer so I felt it best to have an animal around — not that the beautiful Georgie could do much! As for the lighting, the photographer did what he could but our place is extremely dark so he needed to do extremely long exposures. And as for the clutter, I can only say that it had only gotten worse since. We're both inveterate collectors! But I was flattered by the commentaries.

Rebecca says:

Do you have an Instagram page? I absolutely live your style, it’s so inspiring!

Tracy says:

You have a lovely home Gabriel! My room looks much the same as I too am a collector of many things. I sure wish I had the space you have for books, I'm always tripping over old books. I keep my victrola in the living room though because it's a cabinet player, quite loud too. Your art collection is also impressive! I'm a painter so most of my decorative art is my own(mostly because it's the devil to sell in this economy). From the looks of your drafting table, someone in the house is a city planner/architect. As for the people bothered by clutter, just keep it around the perimeter and you'll be fine.

susan says:

I am glad to have viewed this. It helped me to realize how far I am now from this lifestyle. I liked this collecting mode in 1970s-1990s. But in the last few years the collections have begun to feel weighty on me. So as I peruse these photos I see the former me. In April I'll leave my 4,300 sq ft dream home. I'm leaving behind unmovable things. Probably the prime example are the hardwood floors. Oak trees, dead a long time, on the property needed taking down. They were cut, milled, dried in our homemade dryer for 3 years then tongue and grooved by my husband.
Many large collections – like your books – have mostly been donated and a few sold. Even my WPA state guides! Yes, I have been ruthless. And now mostly I do not recall the things that have gone. And the idea of harboring so many things ever again turns my blood cold.

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