Into the woods

Posted on Wed, 22 Jan 2014 by KiM

W O O D. If a home completely swathed in wood is not your thing, divert your eyes immediately. Into The Woods is another project by Breathe Architecture, where you will find an insane amount of different type of wood throughout the home. I LOVE the exterior – also wood! (I wonder if they threw in the tattooed lumberjack). Photos again by Andrew Wuttke

Kimber says:

Ummmm… you had me at "tattooed lumberjack."

Blanders says:

Raw plywood gets real grimy, real quick. Unless its been polyuretheaned to the max, and it doesn't look like it has, it's all going to look awful within a year or two.

At least Mr Lumberjack makes it more interesting than most interior shoots.

deon marais says:

thanks for the lumberjack. nice woodwork.

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