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Posted on Sun, 26 Jan 2014 by KiM

It’s been an awesome yet crappy last few days. My stray cat Agnes went to her new home Friday night and she’s doing well so far, and I developed a really bad flu but I have a bunch of blog posts to get done for while I’m away in Mexico (I leave next Sunday). Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to get a post ready for today so I thought I would simply share some photos from one of my favourite blogs for some time now, Ollie & Seb’s Haus. The blog belongs to Deborah, who lives in Glasgow with her husband and 2 kids (whom the blog is named after). She has a background in interior design and visual merchandising/styling which is not a surprise given how amazing the photos of her home are (she’s a talented photographer to boot!). Here are some of my favourites. 

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well today and I hope you will have a quick recovery so that you may enjoy your Mexico getaway! Just wanted to thank you for all you great and inspiring post and for even today when you're not feeling your best you still managed to inspire us by sharing post from a blog that inspires you! So thank you for sharing one of your favorite blogs with us! Thanks again, hope you feel better soon and have a great time in Mexico!


KiM says:

Thank you VintageVixen!

jane says:

hope you feel better soon!

Kim and Jo, I really love your blog!!! please check my life style blog: http://www.elescaparatedemariana.com 😉

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