Gold is the new silver

Posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2014 by KiM

I have been trying to convince my husband for months now that brass fixtures are HOT. So far I have been unsuccessful, even after showing him the following photos of interior designer Yanic Simard‘s newly renovated kitchen, which is GORG! The existing cabinets were resprayed with Benjamin Moore’s 2062-20 Gentleman’s Grey which has alot of blue undertones. It’s beautiful against the marble counter and backsplash. And to make this kitchen extra special, a faucet with a beautiful custom brass finish and existing cabinet pulls were electroplated to match. They even work with the stainless appliances. I’m sold!

Jared Hayden says:

The key to gold accents is not overdoing it. There's a thin line between a judicious pop of "wow" and full-on Donald Trump tacky.

I totally agree! I've been a silver-only person for years but have become obsessed with gold, brass and bronze.

peggy says:

I'm smitten! That is one gorgeous kitchen!

Axelle says:

This kitchen is so inspiring! I feel like people tend to go a bit too traditional with their kitchen but I find kitchen like these to be truly wonderful!

Steve Mawson says:

Mmmmm, not quite.
If you're going to go for brass / gold, then the stainless steel items [sink, fridge etc] really should be replaced with whiteware instead.

Agree with Steve. Also, on a more practical note, I believe that brass is allowed to contain up to 8% lead in the alloy, and over time the lead can erode off the brass and onto whatever, including your hands and the water itself. Many silver faucets contain brass, but brass-colored faucets certainly do. Aside from any health risks, if the lead leaching exceeds allowable limits, you may not be able to sell the home later without remediation. Donald Trump's gold accents? They're probably real gold, not brass.

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