Holly Bruce

Posted on Fri, 31 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

There is something so dramatic about London based interior stylist Holly Bruce‘s work. Rich, deep colour. Dramatic. Perhaps not something to transfer directly to your living room or bedroom but oh the daydreams and schemes I am cooking up with my head full of Holly’s ideas.

Holly Bruce is wonderful! I imagine her putting together a room over time and creating little vignettes around each room for which she ruthlessly edits. In other words, you could see how her eclectic style might turn into a mish mash of too much visual noise, but instead, she edits out the noise and leaves you with a stunning scene. Thanks so much for introducing me to her! We create a monthly vignette of our own on our blog at http://http://littleyellowcouch.com/living-a-connected-life/.littleyellowcouch.com/living-a-connected-life/ and I will certainly be inspired by Holly's vision!

Dana says:

Wow! Just gorgeous and truly inspirational! Maybe my favorite post of your ever! I want to sit outside and drink wine with my friends under the umberellas!

Audrey says:

The crate desk is awesome …I want to make it for my son…need to know how….like what did you stain the crates and how big of wood piece for on top and is it just plywood?

Amy says:

Hi! I'd also like to know the answer to Audrey's question regarding desk. How tall are the crates? The height obviously determines the depth of the topper. And what was used for the topper? Butcher block? Please let me know. Love it! Thank you!

Jacqueline says:

Hi, I do love the crate desk. Are there instructions for how to create?

KG says:

Hello! Love the desk. How tall are the crates used? Thanks!

Gloria says:

I love the desk and would like to make. Are there instructions on how to make? I have everything and boys have already painted . Please get back to me

KiM says:

Sorry everyone but we are simply featuring the work of this stylist and have no details on how the desk was made. I would suggest securing the 2 crates together on each side (to make it more sturdy) then simply lay a piece of MDF or plywood on top (or nail it into the crates to make it even more sturdy). Can't be easier than that!

Hi Kim, i too am loving the crate/desk that Holly Bruce created. What a wonderful sense of color loving creations she does. I love her room with the bright yellow chair and lamp but also could see myself living and loving the room with black walls. They are so dramatic and the outline of the naked lampshades really shows up against it. Thank you for a peek into Holly's world.

Jody says:

There is a 6 ft white shelf at Home Depot for $12.29 that I am going to use for my top. Love the desk and my guess is the crates are screwed together with a washer and nut. Or zip tied. I am going to make mine 3 high because I want taller.

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