A dreamy home

Posted on Thu, 6 Feb 2014 by KiM

WOW do I ever love this home! Rustic barn-look on the outside, soaring beamed ceilings on the inside in my favourite colour palette of black, white and browns, featuring a modern vibe mixed with global treasures. It’s pretty much perfection. I’d even take the gorgeous dog. This is the home of cinematographer Darius Wolski photographed by Martin Löf.

Hi, there! Greetings from Bulgaria!

Let me say that your blog is a huge inspiration for me! Thank you!

I wonder about the floor in the first 7 pictures, does anyone have an idea how and what it is made of?

All the best,


i am obsessed with those low shelves in the bedroom. so chic

ustiward09 says:

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michaelclarle11 says:

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