Rooigem House

Posted on Thu, 20 Feb 2014 by midcenturyjo

Like a series of stage sets or a a ramble of rooms filled with one man’s dreams and treasure Rooigem House in Sint-Kruis, Belgium is the creation of antiques dealer and designer Jean-Phillipe Demeyer. The medieval manor with moat has been lovingly restored and now is home and business. The riot of colour and pattern and OTT pieces make it a sensory delight. Imagine visiting in real life. Where to look. What to touch.

Iris Restolho says:

In Portugal there are a few houses like this one, and always have dreamed with them. It's just magic a time warp. Cheers.

sweetpea says:

beautiful use of color & layering of texture. playful design that's excitingly original.

Koen says:

The Rooigem House isn't in Ghent, it's in Sint-Kruis (Bruges). It's a five minute walk from where I live and I don't live in Ghent ;-). (Google Maps coordinates Rooigem House: 51.218176,3.264986).

Desire to Inspire says:

Thanks Koen! All fixed now.

Koen says:

You're welcome!

rooth says:

Do you think they staged the chicken? 😛

Inny Dhla says:

Love the outside, and love the architecture of the inside, but everything that designer added needs to go.

Yes, that is my opinion, but what a waste of gorgeous space that cries out for the best of period furnishings and a few extra touches. Doesn't anyone else feel the bad Feng Shui of those plants in the living room? Or that the chartreuse mantle belongs somewhere else? To say nothing of the 1960s wallpaper which totally wipes out all traces of what should be a romantic space that you and your lover (or cat) would never want to leave?

Why buy a medieval manor if you want to live in the 50s/60s.

Sorry I've no doubt offended some folks, I know some people will love design. But I just had to let it out.

Thank goodness for all our differences, right?

oh Holland says:

@Inny Dhia — you said what went through my mind. Beautiful, elegant exterior. But oh those furnishings …. zoot alors!

I just love the exuberance of it – reverential decor is so dull.

Sylvia says:

Love, love, LOVE!! that chartreuse mantle and all the colors in the house!

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