The bathroom renovation file

Posted on Mon, 24 Feb 2014 by midcenturyjo

Mark Tuckey

There may be light at the end of my bathroom renovation tunnel. The funds are gathered and a builder might just have been found. No firm plans drawn up but we have a builder! Is that putting the horse before the cart? And I have more inspiration pictures. Maybe that’s why no firm plans.

Martin Gómez Arquitectos

Alec Hemer

Alex MacArthur

Nicole Franzen

All with a tradition vibe. Then I get the urge to break out with something more modern, with colour, with tile.

Scott Weston Architecture Design

Scott Weston Architecture Design

Doherty Lynch

The wish list is still growing. Heated towel rails, a free standing tub probably a claw foot (wasn’t this supposed to be a shower room originally?), Kelvin wants waterfall taps and I want a wall of storage. No wonder the plans keep changing 😉

Very exciting! With so much interior inspo it will b hard for u to chose just one look!

Coco says:

Having suffered from the same syndrome (so many choices, so little time!) I have found that choosing 'neutrals' for the hard-to-change things (like tile, sinks and tubs) allows me to run wild with paint and accessories. (imagine towels that look like that wild black and white tile floor). I can also change up the look anytime I felt like it. Just saying….

Lisa Lay says:

I also suggest neutrals for the basic bones of the room and to do the most daring with the most inexpensive and easiest of changes. We all know that towels and paint are not as expensive as tiles and grout. I'm sure you don't want to keep redoing a bathroom over and over again because what's hot today may be out tomorrow, also if you were to ever sell a home more people are happier with a blank slate rather than the previous owners possible love of purple. I would also recommend a salvage yard for the classic pieces, claw foot tubs are still around for a reason and that's because they may look the same as the new ones but " they don't make them like they used to". Also habitat for humanity has stores all over the US and that is a terrific place to find the well made items such as an antique tub, fantastic subway tiles or even a great vanity or a well made door without the higher price of a new item that is possibly not made as well and are usually a knock off from a more classic time or item. Everyone wants to make their room a classic and I always find that if you use them for a base the more money you can spend for the funner things such as heated towels, waterfalls and the higher waterbill you will get while enjoying all those long soaks.

Carl says:

I love those pictures of bathroom specially the idea of Scott Weston Architecture Design. A cheap remodeling is a practical choice in such ideas. A low cost but unique and desirable ideas.

Courtney Galler says:

I have to say, I love the fourth bathroom from the top; kind of reminds me of something from an old movie. I'll have to see if I can design something similar to it. My husband and I recently moved into a fixer-upper, and we're slowly renovating it as we repair things. We're thinking about hiring some sort of handyman services to help us out, but we'll need to research our options first.

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