Posted on Thu, 6 Mar 2014 by midcenturyjo

I understand it’s as inner city Sydney as you can get (Darlinghurst). I understand it’s a renovated 2 bedroom art deco flat. I understand it looks cute with its white walls, colourful kilim and funky artwork. I understand it probably looks better in real life than these photos and I’d fell in love with it on inspection in person. I just don’t understand Sydney property prices. (Guide price over $950 000.) Link here while it lasts.

Lily says:

Such a classic! Can't go wrong with subway tiles in a kitchen – love it!

If only…!

Josh14 says:

Quick question… If using subway tiles what type of grout donyou use? Like the one on the photo above is that white or gray? Thanks a bunch

KiM says:

If you want the grout lines to really show you need to use dark grout with white subway tiles (and use spacers or lay the tile so that there are small gaps so the grout will show nicely.

Michael says:

This is precisely why we left Sydney for New Zealand ….just purchased 1 and a half acres and building for $550 000 . That would bye me a broom cupboard in inner Sydney. This places floor plan is also the wrong way around with the living areas boasting small windows looking out onto what I imagine to be an ugly post war building and yet someone still paid $990 000 for it. Fantastic result for the seller and the purchaser who must feel like they've won the lotto 🙂 …perhaps they did , really :)) ,both of them,

Aussie Builder says:

it never ceases to amaze me how the simple things look so go, you cannot go wrong with subway tiles in a kitchen – absolutely love it!

BobRogers says:

Love the picture rails, the subway tiles and the cat picture.

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