Stalking 2

Posted on Tue, 11 Mar 2014 by midcenturyjo

Stalking an art collector’s house in inner city Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Four level Victorian era terrace meets architect Virginia Kerridge and an enviable body of art. Link here while it lasts.

And the images from the architect’s site…

Steven G. says:

What a beautiful home! I love the neutral background, gorgeous moldings, enviable library and fantastic archways layered with the colorful and modern elements. Do I see a geometric peacock on the rug with a blue velvet sofa and fantastic marble fireplace? The black angular sculptures jutting into the courtyard are a fantastic way to draw your eye up through the open 3 story space without being heavy or distracting from the architecture. Simple, elegant, eclectic and surprising all at the same time. Any idea about where the dining room chandelier came from? Also thank you for including the floor plan and great post.

Christy says:

Steven G, I've definitely seen that dining room chandelier in Mark Tuckey.

Jen says:

I love the splash of blue in the kitchen. You really know how to find the good houses on My boyfriend thinks I am mad but I love a bit of Sunday afternoon stalking on there myself.

Steven G. says:

Thanks Christy…I'm going to look into that right now!

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