Stalking leftovers

Posted on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 by midcenturyjo

Saturday again and you know the story. I’ve spent my spare moments flitting from real estate listing to real estate listing during the week. I’m a stalker but I’m fussy. Not quite right, bad photos, I need more photos please, house is amazing furniture is deplorable or no furniture at all! Can’t quite put my finger on it listings with something that has me nodding “yes”. This week’s leftovers include 4 apartments from a realty renovation show still with a few weeks left to run (no spoilers allowed… on the market but only showing those rooms revealed so far on TV)), a warehouse apartment that has been photographed badly but still shines through and a refreshing splash of green in a Paddington kitchen. All via

Dennis says:

Thx for sharing. How about a post with tips how to take good interior pictures?

KiM says:

Dennis, we're not pro photographers, so check out all these posts for how to do it right

Iris says:

Two of the houses are from the new The Block… Great houses.

Katie says:

I love the second picture, the timber looks amazing, but I have to say after having one of those integrated coffee machines at my previous job that one is WAY too high for anyone to fill or clean, unless you're married to a Basketballer! Shouldn't be TOO hard to shuffle though with the other module's they've used.

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