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Posted on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 by KiM

I don’t really know what to do to make this work, as Squarespace has provided me with zero info over the past 6 days, because they apparently don’t know what the problem is either. So I’m hoping if I try creating a post in another browser, magic might happen. And if you can see these photos, by Barcelona design firm Beriestain Interiores, then FANTASTIC!

homestilo says:

I see them- and 'fantastic' just about sums it up!

JustBrowsing says:

We can see them here on Firefox!

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Not only can I see them in glorious colour, but I love them. I want a blue banquette and some of those yellow chairs, and and and….. I wanna be staying in a fabulous hotel in Barca! How stylish! cheers

Oregonbird says:

Oh, how I've missed your posts! I still weep for the x'd-out piccies I cannot see. Meanwhile, I might be slowly growing into an appreciation of the spindle chair. Maybe. Possibly. It's just so stubborn — no matter how modern or updated the room, put a spindle in and it warps towards cracker barrels and gran's kitchen.

sweetpea says:

well done! I'm using Dolphin on android and I can see your post.

I can see them! I read via bloglovin', FYI. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Jessie says:

I can see your post and it is lovely……I'm trying to use square space for myself is it worth it?

Budgie says:

Yes, working on Firefox here. Great shots!

Lisa says:

I can see them in Safari.

KiM says:

Jessie, overall I'd say yes. This is the first time support has been completely useless. There are some annoyances with SS but hopefully alot of that will be better when we finally upgrade to their latest version (which will have to involve a complete blog redesign).

Thanks everyone!

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