Posted on Thu, 27 Mar 2014 by KiM

I wanted to share another apartment by Russian architecture and design firm INT2 architecture. This one has a totally different vibe than the last – alot less minimal, pale colours and patterns and an all around cozier and playful vibe. There’s so much I love about each apartment – a blend of both would be an absolute dream. 

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Lucy says:

LOVE everything about this design, absolutely gorgeous interiors, particularly the kitchen/dining/living area. Does anyone know who supplies the kitchen cabinets? Looks like Ikea. Also love the black and white art print on the wall of the woman. Wish this was my place!!

Lhoward says:

What a beautiful home… so inspiring in so many ways!! Thank you for sharing!
Would it be possible to get the artist/maker info of the whale art above the tub? I would really appreciate it!
Kudos & Many thanks,

Flo says:

hello, I love the blue tiles in the bathroom, can you give me the mark? thank you a lot

T2Q says:

Wow, gorgeous renders. Fantastic Work!

Meme says:

Great post! Can I find out where the gorgeous bathroom tiles behind the WC are from please

shannon says:

Sorry to be so late to the party but could you also let me know where the tile behind the WC is from? They are GORGEOUS!

KiM says:

These are 3D rendered images so not only do I not know where to source the products in the photos, they may not even exist. Sorry!

Ana says:

Hi, i used these pictures AS my inspiration while i was choosing things for my House in course of costruction. The products displayed are from Danish design for example: things in the dinning room are from Ferm Living, House Doctor, the mirror in the bedroom from Gubi, the lights in the bathroom from Nordic lights, so this appartment is truely a Nordic example of simplicity and minimalisme in the Way it is designed.

Berita Kriminal Hari Ini says:

Is This Real Architecture or Created by Rendering Software Design ?

Berita Kriminal Hari Ini says:

Great Architecture, Love it.

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