Posted on Fri, 28 Mar 2014 by KiM

Here is another super cute apartment by Int2 architecture. Pastels a plenty are so soothing. The graphic details keep the space modern and the white walls and cabinetry lighten everything up. Lots to love in about 485 sq ft.  

peggy says:

That layout is perhaps my fantasy perfect apartment. Love the loft bed. Saving this for my inspiration folder in case I ever get to build a tiny house. Also love the white brick. Some of the decor not so much. Love the white mixed with pops of pastel, but am so over the chalkboard paint. Still a simply gorgeous and functional home – especially for those of us who can't get up stairs any more!

Alia says:

I had to come out of the woodwork, because I've been crushing on their design/architecture for the last month when stumbled upon the above apartment, i had to see more of their work, i saved all their small apartment/home designs as i loved what they do with small spaces, and love the fact i can see a floor plan as well. i hadn't seen the first apartment you posted a couple days ago before so that has to be new, or maybe i missed it(though i don't think so). But i agree, great small space living design for future inspiration.

On another note, love the site, appreciate your time/effort. thank you.

Juliet says:

Am I the only one out there who thinks these are renderings (and amazing ones at that)?

KiM says:

Juliet, see comments in yesterday's post InteriorDI 🙂

Thanks Alia!

Peggy, I'll never be over chalkboard paint.

What a fantastic use of color! These are all so amazing I want to print them off and add them to my inspiration board.
Thank you for the post…and the inspo!

Oregonbird says:

Clever, clever clever. A space we've all run into and despaired over — I love seeing real solutions for real spaces. This is just too cool for school, I don't like pastels and I love this completely. jPlatforms offer so much, they add a lot of livability. Also, storage.

I think my favorite thing is the crossword 'shampoo'. Would never not be funny. 🙂

Lyuba says:

I would never thought about such amazing design in that simple one-bedroom of Russia… Just Perfect! Love every corner of it!

Alexïs says:

Hi! Where could I find the barstools?
Thanks! xo

Anna says:

Hi! Where could I find the kitchen tiles?
They are great!

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