The Antique Show is back!

Posted on Tue, 1 Apr 2014 by KiM

Hey fellow Ottawans (and folks in surrounding areas looking for a little road trip) – it’s Ottawa Antique Show time again!!! The show is coming up this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and I am excited to promote it this year because my darling husband (Daff Design) has a booth where he will be selling his vintage revamped radios! WOHOO!!!! I am so excited for him to get these damn things sold and out of my house. 🙂 Plus, they’re pretty cool.

I know I am biased in praising these things but there is a large floor model on the wall opposite my desk that is wired with bluetooth. I play music from it all of the time and I don’t even have to get my arse up out of my chair!

The booth is massive and there are not enough radios to fill it so I will be bringing some of my vintage goodies to fill in the gaps. My house is too packed with crap so I am excited to sell some of it off too (including all of my coloured West German pottery!). You will have to come to the show to see (although I spot one above)….but here are some photos I took of the fabulous finds from last year.

peggy says:

Oh I wish I could be there! Of course I have enough stuff, I don't need to buy another thing ever again….:) Jeff's radios are super cool. You're not selling your white West German pottery are you?

KiM says:

"I don't need to buy another thing ever again" – repeat that 200 times over and maybe you'll start believing it. LOL
Note I specified coloured. The white/of-white absolutely stays.

Carol says:

The radios are very cool! I see you have a Phrenology head. I just passed up one for $15, then kicked myself.

KJ says:

Now I wish I lived in the Ottawa area, as would love to buy all your West German pottery! It's very hard to find such here in Southeast Texas. Best of luck!

Sparky says:

I must say that if I came to the point of letting go of and selling some of the things I've collected (which I have at times), I wouldn't be referring to it as "crap". ~Sparky

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