HS2 Architecture

Posted on Wed, 2 Apr 2014 by KiM

I’m now a fan of New York based HS2 Architecture since coming across their website. They have quite a knack at mixing modern architecture with rustic finishes which is always a favourite of mine, and make such great use of outdoor views in their designs. The 4 kitchens below are each very different but all soooooo fantastic. 



Dana says:

Wow! The last two pictures with the wall reduced to studs only making a wonderful room divider is brilliant! Loved all of their work but those last two blow me away!

Kristie B says:

I have to agree. The last two photos are design genius with regards to updating an old structure. Absolutely genius!

oregonbird says:

I'm going with the Wow! thing. Seriously bored with the great room thing; it's become an exercise in soulless go-to. But the decisions here put the soul back in. The colors, textures, warm lighting, mix of styles — and can we talk about those wild double-tall open drawers? I can't believe that works! The uber-civilized library table and old-euro chairs shouldn't work with the bleached, upcycled wood, but does. Then you have the fairytale-conceived kitchen/sunroom — /swoon!/ (Someone do something with that white lump of door-wall, that's very visually annoying, in such a delicate setting.) My absolute favorite, however, is the little side hall kitchen with the red stove. That is every little girl's play kitchen come to life.

In the examples you've chosen, all I can say is, while the houses and settings are unique and inviting, it's the kitchens, in every one, that are the stars of the house. Which really is the way it should be.

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