Posted on Mon, 7 Apr 2014 by midcenturyjo

I just want to run around and mess it up a bit. Not too much. Just kick off my shoes at the door, maybe leave the mail on the dining table, definitely forget to put out those patio cushions (or probably forget to pull them in in bad weather) and that rug and chair in the front yard wouldn’t last two minutes before someone knicked off with them. A little too over styled for the photo shoot but still with lots of cool ideas. Stalking in Paddington, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.


CiskaP says:

Love everything, when can I move in!?

Lucky owners! Perfect combo of outdoor and indoor living for urbanites. Yep, I'm jealous.

This is a very well presented place, my house has the whole shoes kicked off on the floor thing going on and I am forever being told off for leaving my handbag in hazardous places. However, this place looks great, cheerful and liveable. I love the balcony area and the decking out back as well as the modern feel.

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