Ottawa Antique Show

Posted on Wed, 9 Apr 2014 by KiM

As I mentioned last week, this spring’s Ottawa Antique Show was held this past weekend. I had participated last year by taking photos and going around tagging all of my favourite items (“Kim’s picks”) – see the post here. This year was quite different as my husband had a booth to sell his vintage radios that he guts and modernizes. The booth was so large I decided to lug a bunch of my retro/vintage goodies to sell as well. My husband sold some of his radios (YAY!) but I unfortunately managed only to sell a few of my things (I don’t get it really – I had some pretty awesome West German pottery and not one of them sold! What’s up with you Ottawans?!). Regardless, the show had a huge lineup on the first day and was really busy both days it ran. We had alot of fun and it was a really cool experience being on the other side of the table for a change. I took photos again, including some of the items I managed to buy before the show even opened! (I’m hopeless – I try and get rid of stuff, only to accumulate more!)

Our booth, and some of the pottery I brought back home with me. 🙁

Above are photos from one of my favourite sellers at the show – Samantha Howard Vintage. Samantha’s modernist/brutalist jewelry collection gets me going every time, and I always have to pick up at least one piece, and Samantha, along with her husband Andrew have amazing retro and glass pieces as well. I also picked up something from one of the photos above. (Take a guess and you’ll see at the end of the post if you are right).

This flat file cabinet above was in the booth across from ours – I stared at it for 2 straight days. *SIGH*

It wasn’t until I was tweaking these photos that I noticed the preserved butterfly art above. Love! Dammit!

 I also eyeballed those tables above for 2 days at the booth across from ours.

I died over these necklaces. Unfortunately they were not within my budget. (I have pieces from this seller too)

Ok – here is what I ended up scooping up…

I have wanted a vintage dress form for ages. This one was just under $100 so I thought I had better snag it before the show opened. The grey is fabric that has been glued all over it – I think I am going to try and strip it if what is underneath looks reasonable.

From Samantha Howard Vintage, a Robert Larin ring. Loooooooove this. Robert Larin is one of my favourite modernist jewelry designers. He is from Montreal and his designs were in production from 1968-1977.

Also from Samantha’s booth, this Catherine Holm 9 1/2″ black lotus bowl. YES!!!!

My husband spotted this hifi stereo cabinet for $75 at the retro booth behind us. We thought it would be awesome if my husband could retrofit it with all of our TV components so they would be hidden from view. We took it home for $60.

Christy says:

Those blue pharmacy bottles – oh my! I don't know how you managed to go home without those. I would have failed miserably …

Rosemary says:

I saw the West German pottery. I would have bought some but I was only in towards the end of Sunday afternoon and didn't have time for anything except what I had actually come for. Also, I object to paying a $3 fee at the ATM onsite. I prefer when the organisers have a booth with a debit/credit POS facility – the vendor makes up an invoice, the buyer pays at the booth and brings the paid receipt back to the vendor to pick up the merchandise. I always buy more at those events.

KiM says:

Christy, luckily I'm trying to stick to neutrals, otherwise those bottles might have come home with me too.

Rosemary – if this is Rosemary C. I saw you buying an Asian plant pot at the booth directly across from me. 🙂 (The $3 was a bit of a surprise for me too but that other method sounds a bit complicated).

Rhett says:

Gahhhh, how could no one buy any of your pottery!? Good scoop on the dress form.

Sean George says:

Hello Kim and Rosemary

I was interested to read your comments on the show. Most of the vendors including ourselves # 601 ( Sean George), take Visa/ MC and Debit, cheques and yes Cash ! A lot of people who are coming to the show also bring cash by planning ahead. The bank machine on site is a blessing for those who need it in an emergency, and the $ 3.00 fee is standard for any remote ATM.
I loved the converted radios and thought what an exceptional idea !

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