The latest happenings at 47 Park Avenue

Posted on Sun, 13 Apr 2014 by KiM

It has been ages since I featured one of my favourite blogs, 47 Park Avenue (see here and here). Michael (and his partner Jonathan) are the proud owners of my dream home, and have been renovating and decorating it with so much love, creativity and chicness that I am blown away each time I see more of their progress. Take this bathroom for example. They had not touched it since moving in and Michael finally decided to have a go at it – on the cheap. Because how long can you live with a nasty bathroom containing carpeting (GAH!) and floral chintz?!

Michael ripped out the carpet, re-faced the tub with leftover chipboard (one of my favourite materials), used leftover paint on the wall, floor and ceiling, and picked up some tile paint to paint over the ghastly flowers. All Michael ended up purchasing (aside from the paint) was the light fixture and linen basket. Gorg!!!

Here are some other spaces Michael has been working on around his house, including some amazing artwork recently purchased (including Chloë Sevigny shot by Terry Richardson!).

Since my last post about 47 Park Avenue, Michael has since opened up an online shop, with some to-die-for pieces. My favourites are below, including an adorable sheepskin footstool, neon signs and ghetto bunting. So fun!

Bara says:

There is no mention of changing the shower fixture, but in the before picture it is gold and in the after picture it is chrome…right? Otherwise the redo is amazing, of course. "Lots of music for little money" as we say in Czech :o) Good work!

i am in love. they need a dinner party with abigail ahern. birds of a neon and black feather.

Cussot says:

Wow, that tile paint looks pretty damn good. I covered my random pink flowered ones with white adhesive vinyl I picked up at DeSerres. It has been surprisingly durable.

Denise Schuh says:

Where can I get the blue velvet chaise/chair? I am obsessed …

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