D. L. Rhein

Posted on Thu, 1 May 2014 by KiM

Deborah Rhein is an artist and designer, and is known as the Zhush doctor. Why (or HUH) you ask? I have this uncanny ability to walk into a room and begin the transformation process in my head. It begins as something as simple as painting and re-covering an old chair to tearing down walls to create a dream kitchen. When people started calling me the Zhush doctor, I was flattered to be referred to as someone who can ‘primp and fluff’ almost anything. Deborah is certainly talented, and I am impressed with the way she blends traditional and modern furnishings to create eclectic spaces that really work. Her multi-talents lead her to open 2 successful shops in Los Angeles (and online). Here are some of her spaces that I really enjoy. I’ll take the tile floor in photo #4 – FAB! 

Oregonbird says:

Is this what they call 'clunge'? It's interesting how design trends in interiors and clothes seems to meet sometimes.

teresa says:

i have to be honest, i'm not sure about photo #4. it seems unfinished. i'm dying to put a cute little stool at the desk (and to hide the cords). and are you sure those tiles aren't painted? but all the others shots are lovely.

KiM says:

I agree teresa. the space could use some staging. and I'm not sure about the floors but I bet painted tile is a bitch to maintain in a kitchen (coming from someone who has painted hardwood in her kitchen with about a thousand nicks in it)

clunge? ok. 😉

Lina says:

the animal skins are truly deplorable. shame the designer needs to resort to cruelty to make her work interesting.

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