Rustic alpine ranchiness

Posted on Tue, 6 May 2014 by KiM

Cottage season is upon us Canadians, and LAWD DO WE LOVE A GOOD COTTAGE PARTY!  My sister and BIL were up at their Québec cottage over the weekend getting it all set up for the summer and I am beyond stoked to enjoy it and some good weather (and come up with some wicked drink concoctions). Needless to say I have rustic, waterfront dwellings on the brain so I thought I would pick some of my favourite spaces from the gods of rustic dwellings, Pearson Design Group (featured over the winter here and here).

This is unbelievable! Those padded headboards for the niche beds? Those windows that open up to the bar? And the lake??? I'm drooling.

wow…this is amazing! I want this house!

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