A church conversion in New Orleans

Posted on Thu, 8 May 2014 by KiM

Here is a church conversion doozie for you all, as we here at DTI love our converted churches! This link was sent by Beverly of Houston, TX, who thought we might enjoy this former church turned residences in New Orleans, LA. Now I have to warn you ahead of time of the hideous decor throughout the home (my apologies if the current owners read this – but they probably won’t because if they did read our blog they would know better than to do a pale yellow/red colour scheme and the master bedroom….well, I am speechless). Let’s just imagine the possibilities here. It is a breathtaking space, with massive open floor plan, live green roof to chill out on, and 3 1-bedroom apartments to offset the insane mortgage payments this $2.5 mil house will set you back. And the exterior is heavenly. 😉 (Link here while it lasts)

Sarah says:

This is my dream home! It's so incredibly lovely!

Lobato says:


lola says:

The color scheme was popular about 15 years ago, and not everyone can afford to update. It's not my taste either, but I applaud anyone who sticks with their own tastes rather than what bloggers tell them is in style.

np says:

Cool like the colors

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