Fern Santini – cove house

Posted on Tue, 10 Jun 2014 by KiM

What a weekend retreat this would be! A tract house on a verdant cove on Lake Austin was nearly awash in bad seventies architecture and interior design. But the site was incomparable, with the lake fronting two sides of the property. The new owners loved the location and even wanted to save the house, which spoke to them about casual lakeside living. Furman+Keil Architects rendered a stunning renovation to the wood and glass building, turning it into an indoor-outdoor house that’s perfect for entertaining both formally and informally. Fern Santini played up the new architecture with elegantly relaxed furniture and an expertly curated array of contemporary art by local artists. Touches of absolute luxury—such as plaster walls in the master bedroom, all-out glamour in the gold-and-white tiled master bath, and a Kyle Bunting rug in the dining room—are reminders that being casual doesn’t preclude being very very stylish.

Jenny says:

These are both amazing. I'm dying to see the before photos!

oregonbird says:

It's gorgeous, I love the architectural re-do — but way too executive business house for me. They say you can't argue with luxurious perfection, but I beg to differ. It could just be that I really didn't like Lurhmann's Gatsby, and there's a definite air of a modern Daisy drifting around those rooms.

Jenny says:

@oregonbird that is funny. 🙂

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