A converted storefront in Stockholm

Posted on Fri, 13 Jun 2014 by KiM

Mattias Wikman emailed us with some beautiful photos of his townhouse-style apartment in Stockholm. The space is an old storefront that was converted into an apartment with a own private entrance and some outdoor space. It is located in the middle of Stockholm in an area called Birkastan. I love that all the walls/ceilings/ductwork etc. are painted white. It makes everything so bright and forms a blank canvas for the furnishings. And it definitively feels like a loft so I really dig that. And Mattias has my favourite quote hanging in the photo below – bonus points!

sotti says:

A wonderful and beautiful home.

oregonbird says:

Well, the view from the couch is just abysmal, but that's the set up and they've certainly done everything possible with the rest of the space. I wish they had a glass roof on the outdoor dining space… a red fridge… 🙂 But the separateness of the kitchen seating area is fabulous, and beautifully lit — I would have been very tempted to put the living room seating there! The only thing missing is bookshelves, especially with so many kid spaces. Not a page in sight. /sigh/ Beautiful conversion, quirky, personal and human-friendly.

Nili Ba says:

so so beautiful. I loved the colors, the space, the light and the objects

A Furniture Design from Singapore says:

I like the white walls. White spaces are timeless and it allows the furniture pieces and art pieces to stand out.

S says:

This apartment is actually for sale now in Stockholm!

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