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Posted on Tue, 24 Jun 2014 by KiM

I have a couple more projects from Lux Design for your viewing pleasure. This first one in black, grey and white is really stylish. It is a small condo that called for smart use of an every-day dining space. A console table serves as a desk and is pulled out as a dining table when entertaining.

Next up – a bachelor pad with some cool features such as a reclaimed barn wood sliding door in the hallway and a custom entertainment unit created from high-gloss resin.

I love these! Do we know where those wood bar stools are from?

KiM says:

Amanda, they look like Norman Cherner stools.

Caroline Y says:

The place has 'good bones' and a noce choice of furniture and finsihes but itt looks very sterile / impersonal, i.e. just pulled together by a stylist / interior designer as compared to an interior that has evolved and has the owner's or at least the designer's personality as well.,. The 'dining place' looks cramped and very unpractical. I do not think anybody would want to sit and eat like that…

Steve says:

Kind of hard to tell from this angle but I think they might be the Arne Jacobsen design. Maybe called series 7???

Ombia says:

The first small living room above looks so cute. I like the colours, simple style and huge windows

Salmon says:

I second Caroline Y. That dining table concept is silly. Are you going to stare at that black sculpture thing while eating? Seriously.

Dianne says:

Does anyone know where the black metal nesting tables are from?

rosa says:

Where is the sectional sofa from? I've been looking for something modern but very plushy and comfy!

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