LOVE this kitchen

Posted on Wed, 25 Jun 2014 by KiM

I love this kitchen. The beadboard walls, SIX windows!, no upper cabinets, apron-front sink…and that dining table is FABULOUS and such a great DIY project (I had to show it to my husband). I would just swap out the stools (maybe ThonetMuutoEmeco, or Magis) and the artwork (a vintage sign perhaps). 

Via Amy Trowman 

emily says:

i'm in love too! that beadboard wrapped up the wall and onto the ceiling is such a great way to add texture, especially paired with those modern cabinets. lovely find!

Lyndsey says:

The one thing I always think when I see a shot of a fantastic looking kitchen without upper cabinets is "Where is the refrigerator?" So often, you don't see the placement of the fridge in the space…where the heck is it? Stuck in the corner? In-set into a wall? Special under counter fridge? Magic? Invisible? Show me that fridge, photographer.

Ombia says:

Great kitchen! No upper cabinets, lots of daylight and that mazing table. The stools are really not a keeper.

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