Best Friday ever!

Posted on Fri, 27 Jun 2014 by KiM

Yesterday late afternoon my husband and I picked up the keys to our new house. YAY!!!! Today we begin hauling everything over from the old house (luckily only a 5 minute car ride) and I am beyond excited (clearly, see below) to start making this place our home. Stay tuned for lots more on that in the near future, and in the meantime I will be uploading more frequently on Instagram since it’s just so damn convenient.


Karen says:

Congratulations! How Exciting!

Pam says:

You can surely jump high!!! 🙂 This is awesome news, Kim!
Enjoy the ride and all the excitement!!!!

ElvisFan says:

Malzel Tov … as they say in the old country. So happy for you. Can't wait to see how you put your personal stamp on your new home…

WOWWWWW! Go, Kim, go

Eric says:


KiM says:

Thanks everyone 🙂

Ombia says:

So exciting! 🙂 I can hardly wait too!

Carol says:

Best picture ever! I still think that looks like two houses – so big!

AMR says:

Biggie congratulations to you and your husband. Nice!
I imagine the cats inside doing the same leaps. SPACE!!!
Best wishes with the move, A XX

jane says:

YaHOO! Have fun!

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