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Posted on Mon, 30 Jun 2014 by KiM

I am on day 4 of moving to my new house and I am so freaking exhausted. Next time I will hire some damn movers. It hurts to type for crissakes. It is Sunday night as I get these posts ready the only furniture in my new house so far is my desk and chair so I can blog. Am I dedicated to this blog or what? 🙂 Anyway, enough bitching from me. I came across the portfolio of Atlanta interior designer/art director/graphic designer Carl Mattison and this home struck a cord with me as it has some very similar features to my new home (stained glass, lots of squared edge moldings, tall ceilings…). I would kill for those floors though, and for my woodwork to be white instead of mahogany stain. 

And a few extras from other projects…

Monika says:

Similar to your house, but not very "Kim".

I can't wait to see what you will come up with — one thing is for sure though, you will have an original perspective!

Ruth says:

Dedicated is right! wow. The interiors are nice, but I don't see the life in it, a little too too for my taste.

beautiful! we are in the middle of moving too…I love the entryway door color. and the first bathroom!

atma says:

The good thing is – if you'd kill to have white wood instead of dark? You can paint it!

louise says:

I once purchased a home that had lots of beautiful stained woodwork, open-beamed ceilings; I painted it all semi-gloss white… it went by surprisingly fast and I loved it so much I never regretted painting it! The transformation lifted my spirit because of the light it brought into the house. Had I more nature light coming into the space, I may not have opted to paint it, however, because I did not, painting gave that affect. Think the number of windows, natural light makes a huge difference in living with stained woodwork. Best wishes as you build your new nest!

Cliodhna says:

I feel for you on the moving aches. I moved over a year ago and still recall the absolute exhaustion from the cleaning and lifting and trips up and down to the van. I can see the features in this home are very similar to your new house. I know you said not to mention painting your wood work but like the other posters I do believe it would be worth considering. I remember painting the reddish pine skirting boards, doors and stairs of my last house (after denying it for 2 years for money and time reasons) and within an hour I could see it was worth it. It made such a difference to the house. It spurred me on to put subway tiles in the small kitchen (first time tiling for my partner and I) and to paint over the sea blue kitchen walls and shelving with a warm grey. I gave myself a month to do all this. Then a few months later I had to move out for work reasons and it pained me to leave the beautiful bright space. The people that viewed it all commented on how beautiful the interiors were from just a few minor changes. Rest on it now.

Ombia says:

Great looking house from outside. I would prefer brighter floors though. I love the first bathroom, so crisp and nice.
What i don't like is a fireplace or better said how it is decorated. I also like the porch from 405, but not much the fact that one is coming from the street stright into the living room. Really strange idea. All the dirt, cold and no privacy if I am hanging around in my underwear.

I hope you have many friends and helping hands for moving, this always saved me.
And I am also for repainiting the woodwork. Just today a friend od mine sent me some photos of repainting her all doors white, after thinking about it for a very long time. She is so happy and it makes a whole place completely different!

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