Fiddlehead Design Group

Posted on Thu, 3 Jul 2014 by KiM

Fiddlehead Design Group is the Minneapolis interior design firm of Andrea Dixon and Jen Ziemer. I was perusing their website and found a list of their mantras, including the following: Never buy the set—matchy-matchy is nasty-nasty…Leopard, cheetah and zebra are neutrals…Less is more, bigger is better….Start with an amazing painting or a stunning rug—preferably both. Smart ladies! While their style lends itself towards traditional, they add touches like subway tiles, chalkboard walls and bold patterns to give a more modern twist. And I really like this first kitchen – cows and all. 

Expressyourspaces says:

Lovely creations and shows lively look.

Roxanne says:

The top oak cupboards, do you know what color stain is on those? I am looking for something dark like that and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Carly says:

Hi I was just wondering what stain and wood the kitchen is in the first two pictures?

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