Bigger and better – Michael Bechara

Posted on Thu, 14 Aug 2014 by KiM

Jo has featured spaces by Australian interior designer Michael Bechara a couple of times in the past (here and here). I happened to come across his site and noticed he has bigger and better photos available so I thought I would share. Michael’s style is so wonderfully eclectic – a mix of modern, mid-century, contemporary, industrial.

jared hayden says:

Wow! Is Michael Bechara looking for a husband? His eye and aesthetic are awesome. I'm kind and loyal and know how to cook. Call me.

KiM says:

LOL!!! 🙂

oregonbird says:

Hands off, Jared, he's mine! Just enough chair porn, and a very fresh eye for old stuff. I love the utilitarian use of space and cardboard.

Ombia says:

Cozy little corner and perfect place to drink a coffee with friends

Av says:

Does anyone know where to get that roller coaster print?

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