hoo…I’m home

Posted on Tue, 19 Aug 2014 by KiM

home of one, one of a kind.

Some say, “There is no place like home”. We prefer “There is no place like your home”. After all,
where else can you feel truly at ease when you step through the door and breathe out……
“hoo… I’m home.”

hoo is an interior design firm based in Hong Kong, founded in 2009 by YC Chen ~~~ creating one-of-a-kind HAUTE COUTURE homes. I have to admit that this description took me by surprise. I don’t really see these spaces as that one-of-a-kind, and they are not at all what I would imagine when I hear the words haute couture. That being said, I really like what he is doing, which I would think is not your average style for Hong Kong. It is modern, almost minimal, and has alot of Scandinavian notes. Throw in some Serge Mouille & Jieldé lights, some caramel leather, some sleek Scandi furniture and I am a happy camper. 

wow! i think they've done such good works so far.like these

Jenny says:

Love the print of the dog sniffing the other dog's butt that says "I like you." Too funny!

Lina says:

I'm loving the wooden herringbone floor, I've been thinking of going for something similar in my new kitchen!

Det says:

Was für eine Atmosphäre, was für ein schönes Zuhause. Da möchte man doch selber gerne wohnen

I can't describe to you how inspirational your blog is to me. The interior design you post is stunning! I read everyday and everyday I am inspired! Thank you!

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